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Chip Cards - added protection to your credit and debit cards

Chip Card Reader

How Does Your Card Work?

Use your chip card to make purchases at the same places you do today. For merchants who have installed chip-enabled terminals, insert your card and approve your purchase. Otherwise, swipe your debit or credit card as you normally do. Enjoy your new card with chip technology at no additional cost.

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Additional Security

Chip cards are just like your normal debit and credit cards, but with an advantage: a microchip that generates a unique code for every purchase made at a chip-enabled terminal, protecting you even more from fraudsters and identity thieves. Once you receive your chip enabled card, you will use your card to make purchases just as you do today. 

Lock and Card

Simple to Use – in the US and abroad

More chip-enabled terminals are showing up in retailers every day (and are already common in over 130 countries) so you'll be ready to take advantage when you see them whether you're globe-trotting or grocery shopping. (And not to worry, the terminals work just fine with non-chip cards, too!)

If a merchant has not switched to a new chip card read, don’t worry. Your card will still have the magnetic strip for use at traditional readers.

Want to learn more?  Visit our chip card FAQ's or click the video below.

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