TeleBank24 Telephone Banking

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TeleBank24 Telephone Banking is a convenient and free service that allows you to do your banking 24 hours a day from a touch-tone phone. Customers who are enrolled in I-Bank24 Online Banking are automatically enrolled and can begin using TeleBank24 instantly.

Follow these steps:

  • Dial (757) 741-2636, (804) 843-2767 or toll free (800) 296-4968 from any touch-tone telephone
  • Choose your options from the spoken English or Spanish menus
  • Enter your account number and press the # key
  • Enter your TeleBank24 Personal Identification number provided to you at account opening - and press the # key. Your TeleBank24 PIN can be provided to you anytime by calling customer service at (800) 296-6246 during normal business hours
  • Choose your options from the next set of spoken menus

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