Being in control of your cards has never been more important! 


Protect your money and yourself from fraud with the C&F Bank Card Control App. 

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Card Control allows you to manage your debit card directly from C&F Bank Card Control App.
  1. Download the C&F Bank Card Control App
  2. Link all of you C&F Bank cards that you set to set controls and alerts for. 
  3. Set up one control and one alert for each card, to ensure that they are working in the way that you prefer. 


The new C&F Bank Card Control App will replace the current card control feature in the C&F Bank Mobile Banking  App.
If you're a customer who currently has alerts set up through the current card control feature, you will need to download the new C&F Bank Card Control App, add your cards and reset up your alerts.
Log into your C&F Mobile Banking app and choose "My cards" to download the new C&F Bank Card Control App. 
*Sign in with your mobile/online username and password.

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What types of controls and alerts are available?

Fraud Protection
  • Turn your card off when you suspect fraud 
  • Spot fraud faster with real-time purchase alerts
Control Spending 
  • Set spending limits for each card 
  • Control transactions by merchant type, such as gas, groceries, and travel
  • Control by transaction type, such as in store, ecommerce, phone order or ATM

Travel Exemptions

Skip the trip to the bank and create your travel plans to ensure security and protection of your cards from within your C&F Bank Card Control App. Easily manage the dates and destination of your trip.

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