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  • Refer a Friend

    A beneficial way for existing customers to share C&F Bank with your friends and family.  
  • Mobile Banking

    Our mobile app takes convenience to the max without sacrificing security.
  • InvestFlex

    This investment tool offers a highly competitive return, while allowing options to deposit and withdraw during the 12 - month term. 


Refer a Friend

A conversation with Teresa Weaver, Retail Market Leader

Make a Referral


C&F Bank’s Refer-a-Friend program is a simple but important way to encourage conversations with new customers and thank our valued existing customers. “It occurs when a current customer of ours who has their primary checking relationship with us refers a friend or family member who does not currently bank with us to move their primary relationship from another bank to C&F,” Retail Market Leader Teresa Weaver says.

Explaining the thought process behind this, Teresa points out, “If you have a friend who trusts us enough to refer you, then that testimony is important and hopefully carries some credibility and weight. It allows us to have a conversation with a potential new customer to find out what’s important to them and make recommendations that best suit their needs—if, in fact, it is most beneficial for them to move their relationship.”

“Although referrals are common with business relationships, consumers are less likely to move an established relationship without a compelling reason,” Teresa says. “That’s why we value the opportunity to talk with them. So it’s not just asking someone to come and open up a checking account with us. It’s really about saying, ‘Let’s identify what financial wellness means to you, see if we can put together a plan and work with you to make sure that happens.’”

In return, there’s an incentive! Both the customer who refers AND the person who asks to be contacted by C&F will receive a $25 retail or restaurant gift card. Online registration is in place to facilitate the process and ensure that proper credit is given. Individuals earning a gift card will be notified to choose a gift card within 30 days of all qualifying requirements being met. The $25 gift card will be mailed within 30 days. Accounts must be open and must have a positive balance at time of issuance of the gift card reward.

To qualify for the gift card reward, the new customer has 60 days from online registration to open a checking account. Then, within 60 days of opening, C&F is looking for three or more debit card swipes, along with eStatement enrollment to protect against mail fraud.

“These basic parameters are in place because we want to make sure that we’re not just opening accounts, but that they are true relationship accounts needed by that customer,” Teresa says. “We want to make sure that we’re making the right recommendations.”

The requirements to qualify for Refer a Friend have been purposely relaxed by C&F in recent years. “We take customer feedback very seriously,” Teresa says. “Prior to the program being as simple as it is, there were more qualifiers, so it was less straightforward. There was a bit more confusion about how customers could qualify, so we took their feedback and simplified the program.” Since then, it has been well received.

“We offer this reward as encouragement, but also as a thank you,” Teresa says. “We think it’s a tremendous compliment for our customers to recommend us to other people, and we want to show our appreciation for that compliment.”



A conversation with Bryony Gills, Cartersville Branch Manager

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An exciting new savings account, C&F InvestFlex, provides customers with a balance of higher earnings and liquidity for a 12-month term. Cartersville Branch Manager Bryony Gills walks us through the appealing features. “With this account, in addition to earning a competitive interest rate, you are able to contribute deposits in $1,000 increments at any time to help grow your savings throughout the term,” Bryony says. “It’s also accessible one time during the 12 months, so you can pull from it without a penalty if an unexpected financial need should arise.”

C&F Bank created this unique option in response to customer interactions. “We identified that there was a need for a middle-of-the-road account between an accessible savings account and a CD, where the rates are more attractive but at a higher commitment level,” Bryony says. “Customers were waiting for rates to make their move and didn’t want to be committed to anything long-term with that kind of restriction. InvestFlex is attractive because it offers a higher rate than our money market and savings accounts, and it’s in line with our shorter-term CD rates.”

A minimum of $10,000 is needed to open an InvestFlex account, with at least half of that being new money. “That just means $5,000 of the new account is not currently on deposit with C&F Bank,” Bryony says. “We want to grow our business,” she continues. If for some reason the balance drops below $10,000 and the account holder does not wish to close the account, it simply converts to a standard savings account with the standard rate at that time.

The absence of penalties with InvestFlex has prompted questions from customers who think it must be too good to be true. But you can believe it, according to Bryony. “I’ve gone over the fine print with my customers, and the only criteria is that the account must not be closed within the first six days,” she says. After that, there’s no risk of penalty. “Two months from now, if a huge life event happens and you need the funds, you can either close the account or pull from it with no penalty,” she says. “You can get to it with that one occurrence in 12 months whenever you need to.”

So far, the response to InvestFlex has been very positive. “It’s geared towards customers who have larger balances in money market and savings accounts with us and also maybe spread out elsewhere for FDIC insurance coverage,” Bryony says. “It’s intended to be competitive to gain new money from those other institutions that are paying competitive savings rates similar to ours, but also providing the flexibility to earn the higher rate and still be able to access it.”

Mobile Banking

A conversation with Rebecca Hardin, Relationship Banker at Norge

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Is there any reason not to use C&F Mobile Banking? Rebecca Hardin, Relationship Banker at C&F Bank’s Norge branch, can’t think of one—and neither can the growing number of customers who use it every day.

“Our Mobile Banking app is for life on the go,” Rebecca says. “If you’re in the store and need to check how much money is in your account—boom, there it is on your phone. You’re able to instantly transfer from account to account, pay bills and even pay a person, which is pretty cool.”

A popular feature is the ability to deposit checks remotely. “In the generation that we live in, people don’t want to come to the bank anymore,” Rebecca says. “For customers who aren’t using direct deposit, they can actually take a picture of their paycheck, or any other check.” Customers can also easily keep tabs on checks they’ve written. “If you’re wondering what that check you wrote three days ago was for, just click on it to see the image of the check,” she says.

“A great feature that we rolled out not too long ago is the ability to manage your debit card,” Rebecca explains. “So let’s just say you paid for dinner on vacation and didn’t get your debit card back, or you can’t remember where you placed it last. Now you can actually log in to Mobile Banking and block the card until you find it or receive your new card.”

Some customers are hesitant to use Mobile Banking for security reasons, but Rebecca encourages them to think about it from a different angle. “That check you put out in the mail every day contains just as much information as your phone,” she says. “Actually a check has significantly more information, such as your full routing and account numbers, whereas C&F Mobile Banking only shows the last 4 digits. In some ways, the app is even more secure than getting on the computer.”

For customers that still lean towards check writing, paper receipts and in-person deposits, Rebecca says C&F bankers are more than happy to meet their needs that way. “But as time goes on, we’re going to find that everything is going to be done by the touch of a button or even the touch of your thumbprint with Touch ID,” she says. “Everybody does everything on their phones. So being able to pull up your account in an instant is great.”

Rebecca doesn’t just recommend C&F Mobile Banking to customers—she relies on it for her own personal account management. “I use our Mobile Banking app ALL the time,” she says. “I find it to be easy to figure out and very user-friendly.” ;

7/30 Mortgage

A conversation with Jamal Hasan, Branch Manager at Varina

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Is C&F’s 7/30 mortgage right for you? Varina Branch Manager Jamal Hasan can help you decide. “This is a consumer loan that fits a very specific niche,” Jamal says. “It has a 30-year amortization, which means your payments will be based on a 30-year schedule. But it reaches maturity at the end of seven years. This is something you see in commercial real estate sometimes. You have a fixed rate and payment for seven years, but the last statement is a balloon payment, or whatever is left on the loan. At that time, you would typically look to convert to another mortgage option or pay it off in full.”

A 7/30 mortgage makes sense in several types of situations. “If you know you have funds coming at the end of a specific amount of time and want to go ahead and secure a property now, you believe that rates may be lower seven years from now, or you’ll be moving and selling your house within seven years, this might be a good option,” Jamal says. A perfect example, he points out, is a military family with orders for four to six years. “You might not want to pay rent for six years when you could be building up equity,” he says.

People sometimes misinterpret the 7/30 mortgage by incorrectly assuming that the interest rate will change. “We have to be careful to fully educate our customers to let them know this is not a variable rate mortgage,” Jamal says. “It’s just a seven-year fixed-rate mortgage with a 30-year amortization. We need to make sure we fully explain the process in terms of what’s required—such as an appraisal, loan-to-value requirements, and the differences between this and a regular 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.”

Sometimes, over the course of seven years, plans can change. In that case, Jamal says several things can be done to pay off the 7/30 loan. “Typically what that means is you either sell the house or simply refinance into a different type of mortgage,” he says. “You could go with a traditional-style mortgage or take the opportunity to shorten the term. You could say, ‘Well, I’m seven years into this, so let’s look at a 15- or 20-year mortgage and see if we can get this thing knocked out.’”

C&F encourages homeowners like this to consider the 7/30 mortgage by making it available without the burden of closing costs. “This product, along with our 10-year promotional mortgage, offers the benefit of no bank-required closing costs,” Jamal explains. “As both of these products come with a shorter loan term, which presents lower risk for the bank, we are able to offer them with no closing costs, to help customers take advantage of the opportunity.”

Combine that with an extremely competitive rate, and C&F’s 7/30 mortgage can translate to significant cost savings. “This is a good loan for people with specific plans who want to acquire real estate with one of the lowest rates possible—probably lower than what you could get for a traditional 30-year mortgage right now,” Jamal says. “But there are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking into this option. It’s important for us to have a full conversation with our clients to understand their needs and be able to make a recommendation.”


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