About C&F Remarketing

C&F Remarketing was started in 2011 to leverage our already strong auction relationships. We can assist you in liquidating assets through wholesale channels at various auctions while helping minimize expenses. Our strong relationships will help ensure your cars are prepped with great run numbers to maximize the sale price. You remain in control of your inventory and make the final decisions while we work on your behalf to get you the most for each unit, all at a very competitive price.

Our Talented Team

Michael McCollum

Asset Remarketing Manager



Melissa Green

Vice President, Director of Loan Servicing and Recovery



Karlee Redford

Recovery Manager




Maximize your return, while minimizing your effort.

  • Experienced professionals managing the remarketing of your vehicles
  • Excellent customer service
  • Personal representation at the sale
  • Strong relationships with each auction’s personnel
  • Vehicles sold at best sale for each particular unit
  • Better run numbers
  • Aggregation of units
  • Faster turns, better efficiencies
  • Better returns – exceed current company standard
  • Better transportation rates
  • Improved auction expenses
  • Control reconditioning costs
  • Fewer headaches!

Learn More

To learn more, contact Michael McCollum @ 804-338-6773 or mmccollum@cffinance.com or Karlee Redford @ 804-420-9076 or kredford@cffinance.com


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