Fraud Awareness Education

C&F Bank is passionate about the safety and security of your hard-earned money. For this reason we are dedicated to educating you about fraud and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones against loss. Knowledge….one word, yet so powerful; knowledge is always the best and the first line of defense. We encourage you to read the following information to assist in your personal financial safety.

Elder Financial Exploitation

Financial Exploitation occurs when someone uses resources of an elderly or incapacitated adult illegally for their or another’s advantage, most often financial advantage. For more information on how to protect your family click on the following link: National Adult Protective Services Association

ATM/Debit/Credit Card Fraud

Data compromise of an ATM/Debit or Credit card generally.

To learn more visit:

Internet Fraud

Protecting your information is important. Learn how to protect yourself and your family:

Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be one of the most reported consumer complaints each year, with losses estimated to be more than $9 billion annually. Learn more about how to protect yourself, and how to report identity theft:

Locking your Equifax credit report is an effective way to help provide additional protection against unauthorized access, and help stop identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.

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