Report Lost or Stolen Cards

If your card has been compromised, please alert us as soon as possible. Rest assured, the security of your accounts and identity is a top priority at C&F Bank, and we’ll act quickly to protect you.

For lost or stolen DEBIT cards:

Please call 1-800-296-6246

For lost or stolen CREDIT cards:

Please call 1-866-552-8855

  • Access your credit card statement here to monitor activity.

Report Suspicious Debit Card Activity

Having concerns about a merchant charge to your debit card account?

If you see a charge you don’t recognize and think it may be fraud, here is a quick way to resolve your concerns:
  1. Review the details of the charge.
    You can review the transaction details on your account such as the merchant’s name, phone number and your past activity with the merchant.
  2. Contact C&F Bank Card Services Department.
    Please contact us to make us aware of the transactions that are in question. We also encourage you to also review the transactions with the merchant.
  3. Contact the merchant
    Merchants can resolve charge errors within a few days, where it can sometimes take banks weeks to resolve. As a reminder, keep track of the date you contacted the merchant and any additional information they provide. Let the C&F Bank Card Services Department know of any updates or resolutions you receive from the merchant.

Fraudulent Charge VS. Charge Error
Fraud Dispute:  A transaction you (or anyone authorized on your account) did not authorize. You have confirmed that:

  • This charge was not made by another authorized user on your account.
  • You have not authorized anyone else to use your card.
  • You have reviewed the transaction detail keeping in mind some merchants use a different name or address for billing purposes and still don’t recognize it.

Fraud Dispute Request Form 

Charge Error/Non-fraud dispute: A transaction you authorized but had an issue with, such as:

  • A recurring transaction or trial subscription you cancelled.
  • A one-time purchase you returned or cancelled, and you have not received credit for.
  • A charge higher than the amount on your receipt.
  • A product or service you received and are dissatisfied with.
  • A charge that you paid for by cash or a different card.
  • A charge more than once for the same transaction.

Charge Error/Non-Fraud Dispute Form


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